Howdy all! Another fly-by post this evening I'm afraid. I was hoping to spend a bit more time today working on some blog posts, but alas, Nandos happened and it all kinda snowballed from there!

With a little inspiration from Ally and Rhiân, I ventured out (on my way to said Nandos) to buy myself a yoga mat!! After asking around for some good places in Greenwich to get started, I was recommended Yoga With Adriene - a website choc full of free yoga videos to do from home. If you're a fellow blogger with a day job reading this, you'll sympathise with how very little time we get for that little thing called fitness. So having something to do at home whenever you can find the time is a big plus.

Despite this, I've literally been saying I'm going to get healthier for the past 5 years. 5 bloody years!! I'm also kinda fed up of feeling really hunched and stiff - 80+ hours a week behind a screen/drawing board doesn't exactly lend itself to good posture. 

So, in a bid to become a healthier me and with you guys as my witness - I'm committing myself from tomorrow to the 30 Days of Yoga challenge, and working towards 10,000 steps a day. I've chosen these 2 as I'm hoping they'll help with how stressed out I get with having such a hectic life. I sooo want to give this all I've got, and I will. Positivity breeds positivity, right?

I very much doubt I'll be taking pictures of my yoga progress to begin with, however I'll be giving weekly updates as to how it's going and sharing screens of my daily steps so you guys can check I'm not cheating!

Do you practice yoga from home? If so, any words of wisdom you can offer?