Music Monday - Message To Bears

Hello peepoples! Here we are again - Monday graces us with it's glorious presence! Okay - so maybe Monday isn't all that glorious in the light of day, but I do look forward to sharing with you some of my favourite music each week.

Despite my cheery outlook and unwavering sense of positivity, I'm starting the week feeling quite somber. The one band I always gravitate towards to accompany this mood is Message To Bears. It's quite hard to describe what his music sounds like apart from that every note just hits the 'soul chords'. Very nature orientated and rather eerie - it's a great playlist to put on when you're needing to concentrate, relax, or just have a good cry!

I've got sooo much to be getting on with this week, work - blog - and illustration wise, so I'll no doubt have this playlist on in the background wherever and whenever possible!

They're definitely worth hitting that play button and giving them a listen. If you do - let me know what you think and if you agree with how great they are for concentration/relaxation!