I asked blogger Becca Powell to describe her day in tea...

Do you have a daily routine?
I wake up at 7am, get dressed and then drive to work, where I’m a librarian who buys the stock. I then have breakfast while checking my emails and setting up for the day. I finish work at 1pm and then go home to blog and do boring housework until about 5 when I have to go pick my husband up from the station. It’s then home for dinner and a few hours of blogging chats, reading blogs and relaxing!

When's your first cup of tea?
It’s when I get to work at around 8.15. I unlock the doors and put the kettle on. I can’t face even opening my emails without my cuppa!

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
Kettle on, tea bag & sweetener in the cup. Once the kettles boiled it’s in with the water and leave for about 5 mins. I love really strong tea! Then out comes the tea bag, I pop in a splash of Alpro Soya and I’m good to go! 

Did you drink tea as a child?
I did like a cuppa when I was a child. I think it stems from my Grandad, I can still remember him making tea using loose leaves. I can’t remember if I actually used to enjoy it however haha!

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake?
Is there anything better than a cuppa and a biscuit? I can generally turn them down with this said but I’m a sucker for a chocolate Hobnob!

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
First one without a doubt. The world get’s it color back!

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
Morning tea. I just can’t seem to function without it! Even if I can’t have a cup for the rest of the day, I have to have one in the morning!

Milk or tea in the cup first?
Always, always, ALWAYS TEA! It’s just so wrong to put the milk in first!

And finally, any projects or news you’d like to talk about?
I'm currently running a Blogging 101 series on my blog, it's things from SEO to understanding things such as no follow links! Not only am I learning a lot but hopefully it's helping a few other people too, as until this point I've found it all so confusing! I'm also hoping to dip my toes into the world of Vlogging at some point this year but that's a whole 'nother story!



Becca is a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger, librarian and tea addict from London.