From the Studio

Hello you lovely people and happy hump day! It's supposed to get better from this point on, right?! So, today's post is a little announcement I guess -- I want to get the blog a bit more organised so y'all can find things a bit easier. As I know that my post range on here is rather eclectic!

'From the Studio' will be the first major hub category for That Gent. I don't exactly have a studio as such. Okay, at all! But as I mainly do digital art, that's not too much of a problem at the moment. Making it a regular post, I'm hoping as well that it will push me to focus more and not go months without producing something. Practice makes perfect!

If you've been following me on social media you'll have seen a new thing I've been doing this week called 'Daily Sketches'. I really enjoy fashion illustrations, so I thought that on my commute every day I'll sketch something that I see - which teaches me to free up my art style a lot more. (Rather than being a damn perfectionist all the time!)

As they're only quick sketches I'll probably make a sketch-dump under the portfolio link at the top rather than always posting them to this main section -- but here's what I've done so far this week to give you a taste of what I mean...

I've had a few inquiries about commissions again this week - so as long as everything goes fine with Supers after the launch, I'll probably open up slots towards the end of March.

If you're interested just send me a message on twitter or email :)