Hello Er'body! Well it's certainly been jam-packed this month over on Instagram - for a change! I'm getting more comfortable with whipping my camera out wherever and whenever I can to try and get some good shots of, well, anything! I literally can't do anything or be given anything with out thinking 'Take a picture!' Okay granted, it's mainly food. But who doesn't love food?! I love food.

I've also been able to fit in some quick sketches here and there on the commute -- I tried for about a week to do a daily sketch but just couldn't always find the time. So that idea quickly got scrapped to allow more Candy Crush time whilst enduring the masses. Don't judge me, I don't even really like it - but anything to make the commute go quicker is a plus!

Have you been happy snapping on Instagram this week? If so, pop me a message below and attach your favourite picture you took last month. As I use Disqus you should be able to attach the image right there in the comment box. Witchcraft!