Music Monday

Hellooooo peoples! Here we are - yet another Monday have cometh! I feel like the blog has been crazy busy lately. Seeing as it was my aim to always try and get 3 posts out a week - I'm nearly posting every day! 'Tis madness I tell thee.

Anyway, on to today's playlist! There is no theme this week, I thought I'd leave it up to the music gods what tracks go in. I set my Spotify to play 'all' music on shuffle and added the first 20 songs to play into the list. It's definitely varied, I'll give you that. Seeing what's in my full library it could of been a lot worse!

For next week's playlist I want to get you guys involved! So comment below with a track or tracks you'd like to feature, and if Spotify have it - in the playlist it shall be! It'd be great to all collab together to create a killer playlist to tackle the 4 day week next week!