We use, abuse and torture our skin on a daily basis. Our hands are often over-looked in our skincare routine - but when you think about how much our hands go through each day, it makes sense to invest in the best hand cream you can to protect them. Left alone, they can become dry, chapped and really sore.

I'm guilty of neglecting my hands over this past winter period - I've always been really good with moisturising every time I've washed my hands,  as having fair skin I'm prone to drying up quite quickly. So when faith in nature got in touch asking if I'd like to try one of their products, I was delighted to see they had a Restorative Hand Cream. It was pretty damn spooky actually because that morning they emailed, I had only just been talking to work wife about how dry my hands were getting. It must of been fate! :D

I've been using the cream for about a month now - I always like to incorporate something into my routine for about that time to see if it actually works. I've used it every morning after showering and every time I've washed my hands throughout the day. Apart from the smell (I can't stand hemp) it has literally restored my hands back to normal, pre-winter months.

The greatest thing about faith in nature apart from the fact their products work, is that they don't test on animals and all products are vegan safe. I'm not a vegan myself - but if I see that sticker then I know it must be good for me!

If like me you've come out of the cold winter months with hands looking a bit haggard, it's definitely worth giving the Restorative Hand Cream a go. If you do - let me know as I'd love to see if it's worked just as well for you :)