Let's talk about how much I love casual wear. I'm actually not too sure that 'love' is a strong enough word to describe how much I enjoy being comfortable; either choosing something from my wardrobe or just daily life in general. I could quite easily spend my days on the couch with Netflix, Japanese food and a sketchpad. 

As many of you are aware, I have a bit of an intimate relationship with sweatshirts. Whatever the weather, they are always my immediate 'go-to' piece when forming the base of my daily outfit. 

I'm excited to be teaming up this week with Dan Glatman - founder of stylish new menswear brand 90:10. I love brands that tell a story, and the idea behind 90:10 is a cool one. 90% adult, 10% not - that's a pretty accurate statement to relate to for most people. Although I'm sure everyone who knows me would tell you that in my case it's the flip!

I was immediately smitten with the anthracite Signature pullover upon feeling it's supreme quality - striking the perfect balance of modern design and comfortable sensibility. Being one of the comfiest pieces I've ever owned - I'll definitely be investing in one of every colour!

Unfortunately, my days in the office / studio are  quite chaotic and don't permit much 'couch-potato' time, but at least I can manage to keep them comfortable (and presentable). 

< Be sure to check out the Signature collection and the full 90:10 range >