Well, howdy-do! It's that time again were we gird our loins* for whatever the week may choose to throw at us. It's also time for me to provide you with another playlist of which to grace your ears with. *(brownie points if you know what movie I got that saying from)

So if you've been following me on Twitter you'll of probably seen last week that I am absolutely obsessed with a little film called Begin Again. I was sceptical at first to watch it as I'm a little meh when it comes to Keira Knightley. That was until she slapped me silly with her musical talent! Seriously, this girl can SHANG! *Tom Jones voice* (The Voice watchers will probably only get this one. If you don't, well, moving on...)

Basically it's about a girl who gets cheated on, gets picked up by a producer when she sings a killer song she wrote in a grungy bar and decides he wants her to make an 'outdoor album'. Adam Levine also lends his mighty pipes to the soundtrack too, playing the numpty who decides to cheat on her.

 I hope you fall in love with his album as much as I have. I've literally had it on repeat for the past week, whenever and wherever I can. There's just something about it that, well, you'll see. 

Anyway, 'nuff chatter - listen and love.