I asked blogger Sally Crangle to describe her day in tea...

Do you have a daily routine?
I'm all about my routine! I wake up at 7am and the first thing I do is splash my face. Then I apply moisturiser to my face and roll out my yoga mat in our living room and do some stretching and gentle exercise. The exercise part is a new part to my mornings and I am really feeling the difference it makes to setting me up for the day. After this, I pop the kettle on, start my first cup of tea and make a start on my beloved bowl of breakfast porridge. Then it's just about getting ready and out the door to work!

When's your first cup of tea?
First thing. I really couldn't function without that first cup of tea. I sit and sip it alongside my breakfast if I'm at work that day. If I have the day off, I like to make a cup of tea and take it back to bed. You can't beat a cup of tea in bed! It's the ultimate treat since my mornings are usual spent trying to rush around and make sure I am out of the house on time!

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
My preferred tea in the morning is Lady Grey, which is not dissimilar to Earl Grey - except it's less bergamot-ey and had a citrusy taste. I pop a tea bag in my favourite cup; let it brew for exactly the time it takes for me to apply my make up and then I add just a splash of milk.

Did you drink tea as a child?
Always. My mum used to (and still does) refer to a cup of tea as 'a cup of magic.' When we were small we would have it milky with just a sprinkle of sugar. If we grazed our knees, bumped our heads or felt under the weather, a cup of magic would always make us feel better.

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake?
I'd love to say yes to this one but I love both! I'm not so bothered about savoury, and I could never ever eat anything savoury alongside a cup of tea - bleurgh! I am good and I don’t eat biscuits and cake with each cup of tea - if I did I wouldn't be able to fit out of the front door! If I feel like a treat or it's been a long day, my favourite biscuits to nibble with my Lady Grey are M&S dark chocolate covered stem ginger biscuits - so good! If I need a real treat, you can't beat tea and Victoria sponge. Or if you read my blog a lot, you'll know of my penchant for a walnut whip. There is always one of those in the house....

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
My morning one I think. It's probably the only one I get to sit in silence and really savour. I could never be someone who rushes about and doesn't eat or drink on the morning - and whilst I might have everything down to a military precision; I never compromise on my tea and porridge. I love to sit and watch the world wake up from our huge living room windows and think about what I want to achieve for the day.

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
Due to my job (as well as writing and blogging, I work full time as an Assistant Manager for Monsoon Accessorize) I don't tend to really have a break apart from my lunch break. I do really enjoy my last cup of tea when I get in from work at 6pm though, usually whilst cooking dinner. I try not to drink any caffeine after 6:30ish. I usually opt for a peppermint or camomile tea in the evening.

And finally, milk or tea in the cup first?
I am a firm believer that you cannot make tea properly by putting milk in first - the tea just does not brew properly and it tastes like dishwater! The only exception is if you've made tea in a teapot first, then you can pop your milk in first. I'd rather not have a cup of tea at all than have a badly made cup of tea. Tea making is serious business to me!

Writer, lifestyle blogger and general lover of words. Mostly walnut whips, mostly Lady Grey. Mostly also always with a Pashley Penny pushbike.