Hello, you devastatingly awesome people! So today I'm 'super' excited to be telling you a bit more about an idea I've had. In March I'm going to be starting sub-blog on That Gent, which will be a sort of blog-novel, I suppose you can call it. Supers will be a (potentially) never ending superhero story, accompanied by sketches and designs to help it come to life in a more visual way!

My plan is to release a new chapter on the blog every 2 weeks, with each post having a full chapter. Hopefully the idea will run and you guys will really enjoy reading it. Granted, my writing isn't amazing, however I just thought it would be a cool idea to try out.

This is where you come in! I thought it would be a great way to get you involved in the outcome of story lines by submitting in the comments what you think should happen next. Not only that - I also thought it would be pretty awesome that if you wanted to be featured in the story as either a hero or villain, you could suggest a power you'd like and I can write you in.

I might even do dedicated sketches of everyone that gets featured. What d'you think?

I'll be doing some promotion over the rest of this month - I've almost finished a landing page for it, too. So make sure you keep an eye out for more info!

[edit] - Here's the landing page!