Okay so one of the questions I get asked a lot on Twitter is, 'How are you so positive?'

So, I think it's really easy to get stagnant in life and stop making so much of an effort being positive to the people you meet or interact with in every day life. I do too!

I know I come across like I'm constantly positive or inspiring about things and always trying to help people when they're feeling down. I am! But I have those same times where I've just completely ran out of energy and I'm just like 'bleh - I don't want to do anything but play video games, read comics and have no human interaction for a while'.

I always feel like the best thing I can do when I'm feeling like that is to just do something. So my main piece of advice would be to just do something, anything! It doesn't have to be some big gigantic thing, even if it's as small as actually looking at someone in the eyes on the tube and smiling, or sending someone you know who's been down a tweet just to make sure they're ok. I think we get so wrapped up in thinking that it's always a big effort, you know it's this or that - and I don't know if I agree so much.

I completely understand we all have our own battles which we go through every single day and yeh, life doesn't make it easy - we know this. But for me I feel like, if I can make someone's day even a smidge better, then it's definitely worth me making that effort. Those times when I've just been so miserable about my job or a situation, and granted that's not misery when you look back on it but, that little something from someone can make a world of difference.

And that little goes a long way :)