Being fair-skinned, it's no surprise that at this time of year my skin takes quite a beating from the elements. Living and working in a busy city has left my skin dry and quite oily. I've not really given much thought about what products I use in my grooming routine up to now - so I usually just grab whatever moisturiser was on the shelf.

I've decided 2015 is the start of taking a more active approach in taking of myself. So after reaching out on Twitter for some tips, Bluebeards Revenge got in touch and gave me a whole load of advice on what would be great for my skin. They offered me a chance to try some of their products to see if they made a difference.

I've been using the Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser every morning after cleansing, for about a week now. I've already noticed my skin definitely feels a lot softer and looking a lot fresher. The Cooling Moisturiser gel feels really light on the skin and is a welcome change to the heavier creams that I'm used to using. It's the healthiest my face has felt in years!

Bluebeards Cooling Moisturiser

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bluebeards Revenge. All content and opinions expressed here are my own.