A very Merry Christmas to you, dear readers. If you have been with me for a while, you'll know by now that Christmas is my most favourite time of year. You just can't beat all that cheer and merriment in the air - there are chances you may even get a smile from someone on the tube!

Besides spending quality time with family and friends, there's a plethora of things that spring to mind when I think of what it is I love about Christmas. With the merriest day of the year fast approaching, I've decided to put together my top 5 Christmas Essentials on how I make the most of this joyous time of year.

1 - Christmas Jumpers
You cannot, I repeat cannot, go through the festive period without donning a festive jumper (or 5)! I'm a massive jumper fan as you probably all know by now - so who wouldn't love mixing 2 of their favourite things into 1 epic item of clothing! I was lucky enough this year to be asked the guys at Burton Menswear to try out their new Christmas Jumper range. Naturally I went for this one (above) as it ties in just perfectly with my logo! Take a look at some of the other awesome festive jumpers they have this year.

2 - Hot Chocolate
I'm not sure what it is I love so much about hot chocolate at Christmas. Perhaps it's that it reminds me of my childhood, but it's more likely that it's a mug full of chocolate! Whatever it is, it just seem like the perfect thing to drink to warm you up on those cold and frosty days. I go through the same ritual, virtually every time: make up a big mug of hot chocolate > sprinkle with mini marshmallows > cup the mug with both hands whilst I drink > smile with glee. 

3 - Mince Pies
I adore mince pies. Such a small treat, yet somehow manages to hold the very essence of Christmas within it's delicious filling; the smells, the flavours, the richness and luxury of it all. The best ones have to be so delicate that it collapses on the first bite, with filling so hot you have to roll it round your mouth as you eat. 

4 - Open Fires
Growing up on a farm as a child, I remember one of my most favourite things in life was the big open fire we had in the main living room. This was especially so at Christmas. We'd gather round on Christmas Eve, turn off all the lights and talk the evening away by the light of the flickering fire. Now, me and Ben wrap up warm, take a walk to the local pub and perch ourself firmly in front of the one they have - toasting our tootsies as we talk the night away.

5 - Gift Giving
Last, but certainly not the least, is probably my most favourite part about Christmas time. Now I know people say that it shouldn't be about the presents and it's the thought involved and spending time with people that really matters. But there's nothing wrong in doing that stuff AND buying people presents!  I love seeing my friends and family's faces light up when I've gone to the trouble of remembering that thing they mentioned they wanted 6 months ago, or I've sat down and spent the time to draw/make something from scratch. Receiving gifts is great, but giving them is so much better!

So there you have it - my top 5 Christmas Essentials! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and manage to make the most of this joyous time of year in the best ways possible. What would you say your Christmas Essentials are? Let me know in the comments below :)