Okay so that title is a little deceiving seeing as I'm literally sat on my couch watching The Holiday, drinking wine and eating my weight in Haribo Giant Strawberrys. But the good news is that I have finally tracked down a Smart Keyboard for my iPad Pro, which I'm writing this post on right now! From this point on there'll be no stopping me -- MWAHAHAHA!!

Sooo what else can I tell you guys that I've been up to lately... Well we're coming into the last week before Christmas and SHOCKER, I think I've pretty much finished all my gift shopping! Seriously this is a major accomplishment for me so a round of applause please, a-thank you!

I'm also itching to get started next year in a pretty awesome project I have in mind. Or at least I think it's pretty awesome anyway. My idea is to turn my illustrations into waterproof stickers that you can use to 'jazz up' your Oyster cards! So if you have any cool ideas for designs let me know! 

Also I kinda want to bring my love of gaming into the mix somewhere too -- and include little characters to collect or medals or awards for taking part in stuff on here etc. It's only a little seed of an idea at the moment - but expect some ideas being thrown your way soon.

Throwing an image in for the hell of it -- huzzah! 

Throwing an image in for the hell of it -- huzzah! 

I think that's it for now. Hope you're having an ace Sunday. I'm off to devour a tub of B&J's Chunky Monkey. Sayonara!