Hullo Ev'rbody! We are almost there - they day we can stuff ourselves silly and not feel guilty one bit! (Not that I ever feel guilty if I'm being honest!) I bring with me 2 pieces of good news today.

The first, as you may guessed by the title, Take Three is back for another series! Starting from January I will be bringing back this much loved feature with a bang - I am currently working on a 2-stage interviewing process that will hopefully allow the interview to be a lot more personal. More on this in the coming weeks, but for now if you'd like to take part in the new series - hit that button below!

My second good piece of news is that my Apple Pencil has finally arrived!! After basically a month of waiting, I have it! I'm super amped be be able to start work on some exciting new projects I've got lined up. I had a bit of a play with it last night and it feels pretty alien with it being smooth plastic on glass - so it'll be interesting to see how my first few pieces will turn out! Keep an eye out on my Twitter/Instagram for some new stuff soon :)

Keep smiling kids - and see you in the next post!