Well hi there! So I'm pretty dragged to say that I didn't get chance to post at all last week *big sigh* - but it's all for good reason in the end. With completing 2 private commissions and finishing up on a big project up in work - I'm entering this week feeling a little more chilled and a little less daunted by a massive pile of work.

It's also been a good couple of weeks that I've not posted a Music Monday - sorry about that dear readers! I'm returning the feature with one of my all-time favorite bands that I'm falling in love with all over again, Flyleaf. I'd describe them as a mature version of Paramore from the early days.

A good mix of rock with a dash of screamo - it's a great band to just pop your earphones in and ignore the world around you. Take a listen and let me know what you think :)