Hello lovely Gentlets of mine. Seriously, you need to help me come up with a new name or this is going to continue. A few weeks (months?) ago I showed you how to use GIFs on Twitter. Well my friend, today is the day you graduate from the TGM Academy of GIFs. Yes - today I'll be teaching you how to make YOUR OWN gifs!! So let's get started...

Okay this is much easier than you might think. There's a whole load of ways you can do this, including Photoshop, After Effects, etc. But I'll take you today through the super easy route.

1. Head on over to makeagif.com

2. Next, you can actually use a variety of ways to go from video or picture to GIF - so it's up to you which way you'd like to go forward with. Personally, I'd suggest taking it easy and finding the video/clip you want to use on Youtube. Interesting , no?

3. Paste the url from the Youtube video into Make A GIF and wait for it to upload. Once it's finished it will bring you to a pretty simple editing screen. Any questions so far? No? Good!

4. Choose your starting position and how long you want the GIF. Unfortunately on this for this website you can only have a max of 5 seconds unregistered -- but that's more than enough for most looped GIFS. Click 'Create GIF' and let the magic do the rest!

5. All that's left for you to do is 'Right Click' the GIF and 'Save Image As' to your desktop. Super easy!!

Congratulations my friends!! You've just graduated from the TGM Academy of GIFs.