Howdy friends! Instagram is without a doubt my go-to app whenever I want to kill time or feel inspired. I follow so many amazing photographers, artists, bloggers and friends on there that I've decided to start a mini-series sharing and celebrating my favourite accounts each week. 

@nicoleeddy Nicole is a massive source of inspiration to me. I discovered her through her vlogger boyfriend, Ben Brown, and have since fell in love with her talent for photography, writing and spirit to make the world a better place. Her photos capture so much emotion and depth - I think she's one of very few I've set my phone to notify me whenever she posts!

@sagamariah Saga Maria is an illustrator I've recently followed this past week. Her illustrations have left me in awe and I love the shots she posts of her working.  Aren't her drawings amazing?

@positivelyflo Flo - does anyone else have those internet friends that just make you smile whenever you see content from them? A self-confessed crazy cat lady - her photos are pretty much Pinterest perfect. I adore how her whole feed just breathes positivity.

@keikolynn Keiko is a someone I've followed for a long time purely for her amazing sense of style. Her feed is incredible and I love how her photos look effortless and not super staged. She also has the cutest pooch (and boyfriend!). You'll love her!

@daydreamsofsummertime I enjoy following many photographers, but Sarah is one of my absolute faves on Instagram! Her feed is full of mind-blowing crystal clean imagery and whimsical photography, which is actually ones of my main sources of taking mine much more seriously. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting accounts to follow, so if you have any recommendations please pop them in the comments below.