music monday 5.10.15

Happy Monday, ev'rbody! And so, with a new week comes a new Music Monday. This week's playlist is something I put together on the tube this morning, ready to get me in the mood for starting commissions tonight. EEK!! 

I'm actually really nervous you guys! I mean I know they're only test commissions and if the shh goes wrong then the guys helping me out will totally understand. But still - it's still scary to open yourself up for judgement, especially when money is involved. >> Click Here << to get involved with helping me test the process.

One thing people have been asking for is whether or not I'm going to start selling my quick sketches that I do. It's something I'm definitely considering, but just not sure what to print them on. I don't want to print them out in the same quality of my proper prints - so what would you guys want? Printer paper is 80gsm and my prints are on 300gsm. So maybe 150 would be good enough? Let me know in the comments.

In the mean time - I hope you enjoy the playlist!