Hello lovely humans :) Sorry it's been a bit quite over 'ere this week. It's been a crazy week - what with hosting 1 event, helping with another and starting a new project all in my day job - it's left little time for much else. But thankfully they have all come to a close this week - and I'm currently sat in my loving room with my lovely family around me visiting from Liverpool.

This weekend, or rather the start of November will be marking the next chapter in my life - kicking my illustration game to the next level and starting commissions. If you have followed along with me for a while you'll know I've been building myself up for this for a quite some time - and I think I'm about ready. Keep an eye out on Sunday for my announcement post and a chance to win a free commission slot!

In other news I've taken to finger drawing on my phone lately whilst I wait for the launch of the new iPad Pro+Pencil. Unfortunately my current drawing tablet is on the blink, so I don't want to use it too much for fear of it becoming unusable for the start of commission season. I'm actually uber pleased with the way these quick designs have turned out and it's been so much fun including you guys with choosing the names for the little guys.

I thought they'd make pretty awesome prints to - so I'll be working on getting these up in the Etsy store asap. Good news is, toast is all ready to go and I have 20 ready all ready for shipping straight away! Head over to my Etsy store to pick up this little guy for only £5.99

As always - thank you so much to everyone that has been supportive or motivational or just bloody nice to me over the past couple of weeks. It really does mean a lot and I'm grateful to call you my friends. Keep being awesime kiddos!