Hi all! Bet you we're expecting a post on a Saturday - huh! I feel like I've slipped into 'going through the motions' a little bit with the blog lately whilst I focus on my illustrations. Not a lot - but I feel like I need to allocate a bit more time to developing the blog too, along side my artwork. 

And so, thank you to Arielle for tagging me in the 'Blogger Interview Tag', which will be a great post for you to get to know me and my blog a little better.

How did you get into blogging?
I've tried various times over the years from journals to photo blogs, but had never really felt connected to them enough to commit. Last year, after a lot of encouragement from Ella, I decided to try again full force - along with starting my journey on becoming a self employed artist/designer.

What advice would you give to bloggers starting out?
Apart from just getting started, try not to compare yourself to other bloggers. From what I see, a lot of new bloggers seem to look up to other well-established bloggers and get disheartened when they aren't achieving amazing page views after a couple of months. It takes a hell of a lot of time and you really just have to stick at it. 

Please, please don't turn into one of these bloggers that are fixated on numbers. There's nothing more eye-rolling for me than when I see "please follow me I'm almost up to x amount of followers and I'll be so happy". Why? Why does hitting x number of something mean so much to you? If you have set those goals for specific reasons then fantastic, and congrats for reaching them. But if it's a backhanded tactic just to increase followers just to get more followers then, it doesn't exactly mean anything really. Create amazing content, be engaging and be honest - these are the things that will draw readers and fans to your blog.

A big thing to remember is that it s only a blog. Life is going to (and should) get in the way from time to time and you really have to remind yourself that you shouldn't stress about not putting posts up for fear of losing subscribers. 

What would be your dream campaign?
I've never really thought about this if I'm honest! Pinching from Arielle, becoming a brand ambassador would be pretty cool - for either a geeky clothing, gaming or design company would be awesome. Imagine working with someone like Wacom or Apple! Realistically, me and Ben absolutely can't wait till we're in the position to have a dog. So to work with a charity, adopting a dog and then helping them get others adopted would be a nice dream campaign to strive for.

Do you have a plan for your blog?
I really want my designing and my blog to really work in sync with each other, so my efforts at the moment are all to achieve that. I'd love to be able to work for myself in the next 2 years, and my blog is going to be a major part in achieving that - advertising my designs and services.