Hello ev'rbody! I'm amped you enjoyed the first Inspiring Instagrams last week as much as I did putting it together. I've got a great selection of amazing artists and photographers this week. And so, on to volume two!

@_ellamasters_ My beautiful Ella. She was literally the driving force behind me starting this blog and selling my illustrations. Her artwork is just simply stunning and I love how much emotion and passion she puts into her work. Give her a follow and show the love!

@emitoms Emi is a recent follow of mine that I have fallen completely in love with. Her photography is amazing and I love how her editing style gives her shots so much depth. She is brimming with positive vibes, so I know you'll love her feed!

@shutterdoodles Angela is another amazing photographer who's feed I am constantly getting lost in. She brings a sense of warmth with her pics and has the cutest pooch. Look at that face!

@joverine Joe is probably one of if not the most talented artists I follow on Insta. He's worked with Marvel, DC & Sega - to name drop a few and I adore his style. If I ever need inspiration when I'm lacking on the drawing front, Joe's feed is the first place I go to.

@robstrok Rob is an incredible photographer. His pictures are always truly stunning and I love seeing his latest master-shots pop up in my feed.

Well that's it for this week. I hope you enjoy checking out these amazing accounts. If you have any recommendations of any I should be follow, please pop them in the comments below :)

See you next week when I'll be sharing more inspiring Instagram feeds!