Do you have a daily routine?
Up, Coffee, Check emails, socials, shower and daydream. The days are usually a variation of Work, University, spending time with my Children, going to Events, catching up with family and friends and planning our next videos, i do a lot of planning! I talk a lot online and offline and if i’m not i’m usually thinking of some idea or falling in love with someone else’s ideas. I don’t really have down time because I like my job so much but i’m learning to do that. A close friend’s sister passed recently and it’s changed my end goals a bit and made me want to stop and breathe a little more.

Could you tell us what you do for a day job?
I’m a Beauty and Fashion writer and Videographer in Edinburgh. I write for several websites and have my own Scottish magazine and bloggers write for that site, i’m very proud of it.  I also go to University where i’m in my third year of a Television degree, scriptwriting is still on my bucket list. I have a You Tube Channel too, The Hungover Sofa, which is my comedy outlet, we did our first show at this year’s Edinburgh Festival and have more comedy skits and interviews planned, including a few new characters which will see me as a failed Popstar. First though and before everything, I’m a mother to two beautiful teenagers, that comes before everything but that’s a privilege not a day job. They’re why I get up, have a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

When's your first cup of tea?
Ahhh have to admit here I can’t stand the stuff, it actually makes me feel sick if I smell it, especially if it is milky. I think it comes from childhood and my family drinking excessive amounts of it. I’m a coffee girl through and through and that’s made sleepily and taken back to bed where it’s like a version of smelling salts, bringing me to life.

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
Prefer someone else making things for me.

Did you drink tea as a child?
I used to until it started to make me feel sick, I also made a lot of it. As one of the younger children in a big, loud London family, that was one of my jobs, I remember making about 7 cups of tea and my baby brothers had it in their bottles! All the cups lined up, and a massive pot of tea. It’s probably no wonder I cannot stand it now. That and Spaghetti in a tin, which can make me cry.

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake? Are you a dunker?
Biscuits used to be my staple breakfast and by used to I mean still are. I would quite happily lay down in a vat of biscuits if I was allowed to and no animals came to harm.

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
That second morning coffee, it’s not as needed as the first so I take my time over that one, but I’m a complete skank and will sip it for hours, even though it’s long gone cold.

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
A kit kat. Can I confess here I miss the silver foil bars, oh the joy in running your nail down them, there’s nothing like it.

Milk or tea in the cup first?
Milk, always. Despite not drinking it people always say I make a good cuppa. You have to brew the bag for a few minutes, it’s imperative and you never put milk in first, it just doesn’t look the same.

And finally, any projects or news you’d like to talk about?
Making a music documentary of London Punk Rock band ‘The Dash’ as they tour Scotland later this year, quite excited as I’ll get to live out my ‘Almost Famous’ daydreams. And my You Tube channel, The Hungover Sofa, that’ll have more vids, funny ones hopefully. It’s quite hard to judge what is funny sometimes, especially now comedy is so universal, my friends and I actually go by my 13 year old’s choices on most things, videos, outfits, that kind of thing. It’s akin to standing in the Roman arenas and waiting for the Emperor to give you the thumbs up or down, her seal of approval is vital and never wrong. There’s a lot of photos flying backwards and forwards, “She says lose the scarf and you’re good to go”. I’m not even kidding. 



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