You never realise how tiring London can be until you have to play tour guide when family comes to visit. That said - it was great to get out and explore this amazing city from the eyes of a tourist again. I think working in the city, you quickly forget what a great place it is. It was nice to actually walk around, not be dashing to catch tubes or trains.

We started off the day with a stroll into Greenwich Village to fuel-up with a Full-English at Frankie & Benny's. Unfortunately Ben had picked up the lurgy a few days earlier and felt too rough to carry on - so we said our goodbye's, I donned my tour guide hat and we set off too the city.

After our quick detour to Canary Wharf, we made our way to our first stop of the day, the Natural History Museum (not National History Museum as I proceeded to call it all day!). I absolutely loved being able to get lost in there again, naturally the dinosaur exhibition had me squealing with glee! I mean, who doesn't love a 10 foot animatronic T-Rex?!

After practically looking at every item of every exhibition in the museum, we moved on to the science museum just round the corner. I didn't take many photos whilst in there as I'm sad to say I was a tad disappointed. My memories of it were as a child, having loads of fun with hands-on exhibitions; this weekend it was a bit, well, lacklustre. There's not much to take part in anymore, only a handful of exhibits worked and everything was a bit run down. Just not what you would expect from a science museum.

It wasn't all bad though, we must have spent a good half hour laughing at 2 girls at one exhibit which was a metal construct with 'DO NOT TOUCH' on the floor surrounding it. With no barrier there it's practically daring you to break the rules. Touch it and you get a small shock, accompanied with a loud zap sound. It was so funny to see them terrified of touching it, each egging the other one to do it first.

Having spent more than the allotted time in the museums, we dashed back on the tube to Green Park so we could get happy snapping at Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Feeling exhausted we hopped on the tube and headed over to meet up with Ben for an evening of 'Up at the o2'. To say I was excited would of been an understatement! If you don't know what 'Up at the o2' is, it's basically a walk over the o2 from one side to the other.

After a short induction we got kitted out with a dashing blue vest, harness and hiking boots. Once hooked to the safety line we started our ascent - it definitely looked easier than it was. You walk on a sort of bouncy bridge going up to the top. One there, though, it was breath-taking. We were given 15 minutes to take pictures and enjoy the view before we made our way back down.

It was a great way to end a fantastic weekend. If you ever get the chance to have a go at 'Up at the o2' you should definitely take it. For the first time in a while, our next few weekends are clear. Autumn is my favourite time of year - so I think a walk in Hyde Park is more than overdue. Roll on the next adventure!