Hi all! So as you may have gathered I have completely failed at this blogging every day of December challenge. Sadly, there has been a loss in the family so I’ve been trying to support as much as I can. Naturally blogging has been the 1st of a few things I’ve had to drop as I didn’t want to stress about getting posts done, with everything going on, so please bear with me until I get back into a routine next week.

I guess that’s the trouble with committing to blog every day rather than scheduling in advanced. But hey ho! I will be carrying on with the themes set in Blogmas and will try to keep blogging as much as I can when I have the time.

I think I seriously underestimated how time consuming Blogmas was going to be! And we're only on Day 8!! I know I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months now, but still, waaaay unprepared. If you’re taking part in Blogmas, how have you found it so far? Any tips for the remainder of Blogmas, or for the next monthly blogging slog would be great! A lot of you that I’ve spoken to had posts scheduled even as early as the beginning of November - Kudos to you!

So, sorry for the lack of posts over the few days - however I know you’re all awesome enough to respect and understand why :)

Hope you have a great week! Back on track with Blogmas Day 9 up tomorrow!