Hello hello! It's almost the weekend - yay! I'm so glad of today's theme as I may or may not have bought myself a Wii U today! It's proudly sitting next to my PS4, going through the motions of updating itself with a couple'a gigs worth of updates. I'm super excited to get stuck into Smash Bros (I used to spend hours. Nay. DAYS on the N64 version), but it gives me just enough time put together today's post!

This year I don't think we will be putting many decorations up around the new place as we are going to be spending the majority of the time at Ben's parents for the festive break. I've come up with a photo-dump of all my favourite decorations that I would like to have:

I saved all these photos on my photo during my commute, so really sorry to say I dont have the links to give you. I'm pretty sure that if you download one and use the photo search on Google you should be able to find whatever it is you're after :)

I know - bad blogger klaxon!!