Happy Blogmas Day 3, you lovely lot! The task for today was a 'General Christmassy Post', and as I'm a bit of a film lover I thought it would be pretty apt to do a post on my favourite Christmas films - that no doubt I will be binge watching all through December. 

There are hundreds of Christmas films out there, but I am one of those strange people that would rather stick to the ones I love, and watch them over and over, and over, till I am reciting the script word by word in my sleep. Okay, okay. It's not just Christmas films I'm like that with. My mum is probably laughing in agreement reading this as when I was a kid I pretty much the same, if not worse! My drug of choice back then was The Land Before Time - I would literally watch the film, rewind it and watch it again as much as 5 times in a day - I was pretty obsessed!

1. The Holiday

I mentioned this in the Christmas Tag but The Holiday is not only one of my favourite Christmas films - it's also my favourite film of all time. The Holiday by Nancy Meyers is an amazing feel good film that takes place around 2 women swapping homes, and lives, over Christmas - where they each meet their new loves. Hanz Zimmer is also behind the soundtrack which is just stunning. If you've not seen it yet, definitely check it out.

2. Gremlins

Okay so not a typical Christmas film - the Gremlins is absolutely hilarious and had me longing for a mogwai of most of my child years. The main character Billy gets a new pet for Christmas called Gizmo. After breaking a few rules he shouldn't have, ends up spawning a bunch of ugly creatures called Gremlins who proceed to terrorize the town.

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol

And lastly how could I not mention The Muppets. Everyone loves the Muppets!! An excellent re-telling of Dickens' classic, with the added twist of Muppet humor and charm. The Muppet characters fit Dickens' characters so well that it would be easy to think he had them in mind while writing.

What's your top 3 Christmas films? Let me know in the comments, coz I'm nosy! :D