Hello!! It's been nearly a week since I last checked in, so I thought I better say hi and let you all know that I'm still here :D

As you all know it's been rather hectic lately, and even though it's been nice not putting the pressure on myself to get posting on here - I'm really starting to miss it! I've been on intermittent radio silence on social media lately too, so apologies if you've been chatting away to me and it's taken a while to get back to you. I've kinda succumbed to the idea that I won't be posting much for the rest of December, however will be making more of an effort to stay connected on Twitter and Facebook until Jan. (links to all in the sidebar!)

Another quick thing you may have noticed actually, on the top menu bar you will now see a 'Geek & Gaming' link! I've mentioned previously that I didn't really want to be filling my blog choc-full of gaming posts, so now have a dedicated section for all of you who are interested. I'll be posting quirky things I see on the net, a whole plethora of gaming goodness and other random things in between. It's going to be a bit of a different format to what I do on here, probably more quick-fire stuff of things that I've done or like that I can throw up to the page.

Anyway I think that's all for today. Sorry it's probably coming across like I'm fobbing you off with another 'I'm not posting' post - but I'd rather post a post about I'm not posting. Than not post a post about that I'm not going to be posting a post. I'm glad you understand :)

I'm doing yet more travelling over Christmas, so if I'm not already following your blog yet or on social media - leave me your links below as I can't have too many blogs to read or people to chat to!