And we're back on track! Welcome to Day 10 of Blogmas -- today's tasks is a gift guide for guys. So keeping with my general theme on here I'm doing it for geeky guys. After my last guide for girls it seems like I disappointed more than a few of you by not putting the links in! I've learnt my lesson, so find them beneath :D

1. Nintendo Wii U
2. Legend of Korra BluRay
3. Toon Link Tee
4. PlayStation 4
5. Batgirl Figure

1. Nintendo Wii U 
I've always been a PlayStation fanboy all through my life, but have always at some point had every Nintendo console too. If you have read some of my recent posts you'll know I've just treated myself to a Wii U and am utterly thrilled with it! I can definitely feel my love for everything Nintendo growing again each day.

Some people have asked if I can recommend the Wii U. I definitely can! I managed to get Ben to have a few games on Mario Kart 8 last night. He's not really a gamer but I'm going to take the fact he was shrieking throughout each map that he enjoyed it :D The fact that you can also just use the screen on the gamepad to play games and not take up the TV is a great feature too. Works much better than remote play on the PS4/Vita.

2. Legend of Korra BluRay
I've been a bit slow in joining the Avatar craze, but after spending a whole long weekend on the couch binge-watching the Aang saga I went straight onto the Legend of Korra. If you appreciate beautiful animations and kick ass martial arts, you'll definitely love this. Or they will, rather!

3. Toon Link Tee
I picked up this Toon Link tee at EGX this year and still in the 'I can't wear it, it's too pretty' phase. They are actually quite rare, but Nintendo directly seems to have some in stock.

4. PlayStation 4
I couldn't not include the PS4, for obvious reasons. The graphics and power of this console are out of this world. The Wii U is very much for 'fun times' games, where the PS4 is for the more serious of titles.

5. Batgirl Figure
Lastly, I thought this Batgirl figure was just stunning. She is by far one of my favourite of the DC ladies.

So there we have it. A bit more wordy than I planned on writing, but I tend to get a bit over-excited whenever it comes to video games or geeky things! Will you be buying any of the above for a geeky guy in your life, or even just for yourself? Let me know in the comments. I'm nosy!