Okay, so you read the post title and winced. Yes it's only the beginning of November and yes, there's still 6 weeks till Christmas. But that's not a lot of time really! After Halloween, Christmas is my next favourite holiday of the year. Everyone just seems a lot happier in general and there's a certain magic in the air. You can even smile at someone on the tube and they smile back! No, really!!

So after reading Becky's 'Christmas Tag, post over on her blog Milk Bubble Tea, and seeing she's already broken the Christmas seal (sorry to throw you under the bus Becky!), I thought I'd delight you with my answers. Here we go:

1. what is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
This is an easy one for me as it's also my all-time favourite movie, too! It's The Holiday by Nancy Meyers. Such an amazing feel good film that takes place around 2 women swapping homes, and lives, over Christmas - where they each meet their new loves. Must admit I have probably seen this film over 200 times and it's always my go-to film when I'm feeling down or needing a good cry. 

2. do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
This is a tricky one as Christmas is usually split for us as we visit both our parents over the Christmas period. But I guess the majority of the presents and the ones Ben and I exchange are on Christmas morning.

3. do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I do! I don't think I've mentioned yet, but when I lived on a farm growing up I was also a show jumper. One Christmas I remember mum taking me outside for my present and I saw my grandma running through the field (random, I know) with a new pony! I remember being so ecstatic it was untrue. I named him Cookie and we were partners in crime for about 10 years!

4. favourite festive food?
I love really good roast potatoes. That, and white chocolate Toblerone. Christmas isn't the same with a Toblerone next to the couch just itching to be eaten.

5. favourite Christmas gift?
Probably Cookie. I used to spend hours and hours down at the stables training or playing with him. When you live on a farm you're pretty much an outcast. So he quickly became a best friend.

6. favourite Christmas scent?
Has to be the smell of a real Christmas tree!

7. do you have any Christmas eve traditions?
Not as such, although I do like to be out shopping. As crazy as a lot of people are trying to get last minute presents -- it's one of the times I feel most festive.

8. what tops your tree?
Usually a fairy (no puns intended) or a star - we don't have anything regular we put on there. I am seriously considering buying this for this year though! You can't go wrong with Disney!

9. as a kid what was the one (crazily, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I really never went without as a kid. The one thing I always asked for was the latest games console or video games and I always got it. I did always want a dog of my own which I never got - so that was a bit of a downer sometimes. Okay okay, we already had 3 -- but that's not the point!! Okay maybe it is... But still!

10. what's the best part about Christmas for you?
I love being around happy people. It's the only time of year (almost) everyone seems to be happy in unison. And that rarely happens any other time of year.                         And food.

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