Hi all! I'm conscious I've not checked in since last Friday as I've been away from the internet (gasp!), so just wanted to check in with you guys and make sure you're all right! I'm kind like that, you see :D

I can't believe we're coming to the end of Autumn already and it's only a month until Christmas! I've been super busy working on a few things which I don't think I'll mention quite yet, as well as getting things sorted for my parents and brother coming at the weekend for an early Christmas.

I don't get to see them that much so I can not wait for them to get their asses down here! I'm so looking forward to having a jolly time at Winter Wonderland and showing them the Christmassy sights of London.

The #BigBlogmasProject2014 is almost upon us (which is partly why I've given myself a bit of a break), so starting Monday you will have a daily dose of me for a whole 31 days! Well, that's the plan at least anyway!

I actually thought it might be a nice idea one of you lovely people did a guest post - so if you would be interested in writing a little something for a given blog title from the goodness of your hearts, let me know :)