Happy Sunday, everyone -- I hope you all remembered to change your clocks back an hour this morning! It was great to have an extra hour to the day as I've been rather busy ! I went for an epic 3 hour walk in the park, followed by a couple of hours cooking up batches of butternut squash soup and now catching up with Katherine Mills: Mind Games. (such a good show!).

So as I'm looking forward to my Halloween horror movie marathon, I'm taking a moment as usual to reflect looking back on the things that have made me smile this past week...

1. fruit teas // so tasty and a great for relaxing with at the end of the day.

2. receiving my email from Movember reminding me how close it is! I'll be posting details of how you can take part / donate later on in the week.

3. making a new friends.

4. getting a free Starbucks 'just because' // it's humbling to see people do nice things 'just because', let alone be on the receiving end!

5. finally getting round to re-watching the third season of Avatar: The Last Airbender // I love the art style of this show and the fight scenes are utterly amazing. The lead choreographer has some serious talent.

6. getting lost in London Grammar // everything they do is divine. If you've not heard any of their work before, here's their latest album...

7. finding out I can actually make edible home-made food!

8. a great, new(ish) app from A Beautiful Mess -- which you can use to personalise photos with quirky text, filter and doodles! You can download it here

9. this cute pup learning to ding a bell for food.

10. cupcakes!! // well to be fair cupcakes always make me happy, however I tried the most amazing popcorn flavoured ones from The Hummingbird Bakery this week. So good!

So there we have it! Let me know what's made *you* happy this week!