Hi blogletts! I just wanted to quickly share a crazy good site that I've just recently come across called EyeEm. It's a community site for photographers where you can share, make friends and join meetups - with loads of useful tutorials and challenges to take part in. There's also a snazzy app that you can download with some pretty cool filters!

I really love photography but lack any kind of direction with it. (I've been trying for ages to think of how to write the next sentence but I'll just be blunt and hope you get what I mean.) As an artist, I can put to paper any weird and wonderful thing that comes into my mind and if it looks a bit strange I can go and change it. With photography, any 'good' shots I've taken feel like a bit of a fluke. It's the inconsistency that scares and intrigues me I guess. Does that make sense?

I read an article on EyeEm by a mobile photographer who said that he can walk around for 8 hours in a day and not take one good photo. And that's the scary thing!

Anyway enough of the rambling! I've only just signed up but it looks interesting so far. I think I might actually go to one of the meetups, too. See if some of the talent rubs off on me!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe I'll see you at the meetup!