The weather is feeling a lot more brisk, the air is fresh and I couldn't be more happier! Once this freak 'heat wave' is finished I think it'll be time to crack out the scarves and woolly jumpers. We've had a lovely breakfast at Café Rouge this morning followed by a relaxing walk through the park. So, while Ben has fun prepping tonight's lamb roast (which smells so good) - here's a little list of what's made me most happy this past week...

1. The first book I've managed to jump in to this month is Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham // I love Lena's work, and just like 'Girls' her book is cringingly hilarious! Definitely a must read.

2. Scare-Cam videos on Youtube // I watched a couple of vids on the commute to work and have never cried with laughter so much in my life! You seriously have to watch this one -- so funny.

3. Honey roasted cashews // I can't get enough of these at the moment. I'm just really surprised how expensive they are -- £3 for a small bag!!

4. Starting my days dancing to 'Shake It Off' in the bathroom as I get ready for work. Yep, still doing it!

5. Gotham // as you will come to learn I am a massive geek - so to have a series like Gotham to watch is crazy good!

6. AND not forgetting Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead!! What. An. Episode!! Has to be the best episode in the series so far.

7. Squirty jam // I never even knew this existed! My toast has been revolutionised!

8. Words with Friends // I'm back to being addicted to this game again, even if I am pretty bad at it! If you fancy a game then my tag is starpup_

9. Daydreaming out of my work window - one of the best ways to catch a wave of inspiration,I find.

10. Discovering that our nearest cosy local pub actually does amazing food and has that relaxing, dusky lighting.

So there we have it! Let me know what's made *you* happy this week!