You know when you have one of those weekends were if you blink you miss it? Yeh, this weekend was one of those! In actual fact the whole of last week was like that. It won't be long until we're counting down the days until Christmas and then BANG! Hello 2015!

I also feel like I'm getting into a nice stride, blogging-wise, which feels really good. There's loads of ideas buzzing around my head that I want to put into motion starting this week - so it'll be good to see if you guys enjoy what I've got planned!

Friday evening we went to see returning musical, Evita, at the Dominion Theatre in the West End. I was really looking forward to it as Ben has always raved that it was one of his all-time favourites. I have to admit though, it's definitely not one of mine. I went in to the theatre not knowing what the story was about, and came out just as clueless! The leading guy, Marti Pellow, was really bad. Like, really bad. I'm not sure whether he was just having an off night but his voice just didn't suit the part he was playing at all.

It wasn't all bad though - the dancers were captivating. Due to the period and location it was set in (Argentina - early-mid 1900s), it was very aristocratic-esq. Is that even a word?? It also got a standing ovation. Maybe it was just me?

We actually managed to have a lie-in on Saturday. Shocker! Which was nice. Recharge the batteries and all that! We had planned to go to Oktoberfest but due to the rain it was a no go - I didn't particularly fancy standing in the middle of a field with a watery beer and a soggy burger in hand.

Instead we made our way to Byron where we had the most amazing burger. Crispy bacon. BBQ sauce. Shredded lettuce. *drools* It tasted as good as it looks!! We then talk a lovely walk back through the park and watched countless dogs as they played in the autumn leaves. After a quick trip to Sainsburys, where we picked up the most tasty alcoholic cloudy lemonade - we collapsed on the couch ready for a night in front of the telly. Yes, X-Factor beckoned!!

Yesterday brought more rain. Rain and beers! After wet walks again in the park, we booked tickets to see Pride in the local picture house. An amazing film which tells the story of the first Pride marches and the struggles miners faced during the reign of Thatcher. It has to be quite easily my 2nd most favourite film! (First being The Holiday!)

I love films like Pride - it's that sort of self-affirming film that bolsters emotions. Mine, in this case, bravery and thankfulness. Being gay is still not a walk in the park for most, however I'm one of the lucky ones - much more ups than there have been downs. I've got an outstanding mum that always has and always will support me, friends that have never pulled a face when they found out that I'm gay and fortunate enough to find a fantastic partner. Something that's not too easy in the community!

Just recently there have been too many reports of brutal attacks on gay people -- I know homophobia is an ugly, toxic thing - but I still find it almost unbelievable. My brain can't fathom why you'd physically or verbally attack someone based on something like sexuality. My heart goes out to people who have had a rough time just trying to themselves, and has put a drive in me to try and make a difference. There's too many of us, myself included, that are moved by things like this but just don't do anything -- now's the time to be part of change!

Right - I think it's time to stop now before I carry on into an epic monologue! It's also time to get ready and bolster myself, wine in hand, for the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead -- so excited!!! AND - we not forgetting the new series Gotham for afters! Good times :)

Hope you have a smashing week and keep an eye out for my next posts -- I've got some artwork coming your way!