Happy Sunday, blogletts! It's been a crazy week and the second and final week of covering my colleague's work has come to an end. Yes! (air punch!). Autumn is well and truly here and we're all arming ourselves with umbrella's to tackle the impromptu down-pours, *giggles*- people seem so manic in the rain.

I've been up to a lot this week, so make sure you check out tomorrow's post to find out what trouble I've been up to! In the mean time, it's time to run through this week's top 10 things that have made me happy this week:

1. Playful dogs - walking home through Greenwich park I'm always seeing dogs bouncing through piles of leaves. Looks like so much fun!

2. Alcoholic Cloudy Lemonade - tastes soooo good! Picked some up in Sainsbury's for only £2!

3. Giggles - after watching a man get his head stuck in the tube doors, I caught the eye of a woman who joined me in bursting into uncontrollable fits of giggling. Sorry!!

4. Pumpkin seed bars.

5. Vlogtober - I start my mornings watching my usual vloggers, so it been great finding loads of new people now Vlogtober is under way.

6.  Happy snapping - since I've started blogging I've been taking photos of everything (or trying to), which has actually been really fun!

7. Malteser hot chocolate.

8. Pride - a great new film in the cinema about the story behind the first gay pride marches and being proud of who you are.

9. Words with Friends - an old favourite, I've fallen back in love with this great game.

10. Misty lakes.

So there we have it! Let me know what's made *you* happy this week!