So this week I made the move from my first Pinterest account and created a new one for That Gent. I've been a member of Pinterest since the closed beta, so it was pretty hard leaving all my hard 'pinning' behind and starting anew. That said, it's been exciting to start with a clean slate, or boards, making new homes for everything and looking at it in a more focused way. One of my favourite lunch pastimes, I find Pinterest a great source of inspiration -- you can literally find anything on there.

Here's a little round up of my favourite pins this week that have caught my eye and sparked my inspiration!

1 // geometric whale tattoo.
2// rustic homes.
3// butternut squash soup.
4// cherry tomato cappellini.
5// couple's matching tattoos.
6// inked ladies.

Links to each pin can be found by clicking on the linked numbers above and don't forget to follow along with That Gent on Pinterest!