In almost all the states of the United States, you require car insurance to drive your automobile around. But did you know the same applies to motorcycle insurance as well. Motorcycle insurance has become one of the most important requirements if you want to get your bike registered.  Similar to car insurance, motorcycle insurance also covers bodily coverage and property damage costs, along with other beneficial coverages. The coverages provide the owner with different types of protection which comes in handy if the owner is caught in an accident. Motorcycle insurance is made of different types of coverages each solving a certain purpose.  It is important to learn how much is motorcycle insurance to get signed up.
The coverage includes-


  • Collision insurance – This insurance covers the damage caused by a collision to either an object or any other vehicle. The insurance is applicable no matter whose fault it is.
  • Personal Injury Protection – This insurance covers all of your medical expenses when you are caught up in an accident. It also covers the medical expenses of any other passenger who is travelling with you.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – If you are caught up in an accident with a biker who is not insured, this insurance would cover all your expenses.
  • Comprehensive insurance – This insurance covers damage done to your motorcycle apart from an accident. For eg, if your bike is caught up in a fire, or damage done due to theft.
  • Liability insurance – This insurance covers the cost when you cause an accident, and another person is injured or damage is done to an object or a vehicle.


These are the basic coverage options which almost all types of motorcycle insurances provide. However, there are certain beneficial coverages like guest passenger coverage or accessory coverage which is provided by some insurance policies as an added benefit to their customers. Accessory equipment coverage is beneficial and covers the costs of your bike add-ons and accessories. It works in addition to comprehensive damage and insures your sheets or helmets. Another additional advantage that insurance companies provide is Original equipment manufacturer coverage. This coverage guarantees that your bike will be repaired using original parts. This coverage is essential if you have a really costly or a vintage bike.


While getting your motorcycles insured you should be aware of the minimum insurance required in your state. A state sets a minimum requirement for insurance and it differs from state to state. Although, you should also analyse how much cost coverage you would need depending upon the type of motorcycle you have. Usually, the minimum required coverage, do not cover all of your costs. So, if you are a high-risk driver, it would be beneficial to get insurance with greater cost coverage. Safety gear should also be taken into account while applying for insurance. Helmets or jackets you would wear while riding a motorcycle would also get damaged in an accident. You should analyse what level of coverage you need and then choose one accordingly.